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9 Most Interesting Facts About Indian Stock Market-#5 Is My Favorite

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Hello folks. At whatever point we discussed the stock market, individuals envision the image of huge numerical data, intelligent specialized graphs, various ratios and so on. What’s more, these all data is easily accessible on the web. That is the reason today I’ve chosen not to expound on these pieces of information but rather some fascinating facts that will motivate you to trade and invest in an Indian stock market. So In this article, we bring you the 09 most fascinating and interesting facts about the stock market. Do peruse post till the end. So let’s begin.

BSE Mumbai

1) Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is the largest stock exchange in the world in terms of the number of listed companies. BSE has more than 5,577 listed companies.

2) The Sensex started from 100 in 1979 and crossed the 38000 marks in 2018.

3) Sensex fell by over 1,624 points on 24 August 2015, the biggest one-day point fall in the index’s history. The biggest rally was over 2100 points on 18 May 2009.

Dancing dog

4) The participation of the common people in the Indian stock market is below a satisfactory level. Less than 4% population of India invest in the market.

5) If you started an investment with a single rupee only and could double your money every day in the market, in 30 trading days you would have over 1073,741,824 Rupees. Isn’t amazing!

6) The costliest share in the Indian stock market is MRF. It costs Rs 66,500 to buy 1 share of MRF.

NSE Mumbai

7) NSE ranks second on a planet when it comes to currency derivatives in terms of volume. The USD/INR futures contract is the second most traded currency contract in the world with more than 3.7 Billion contracts traded in options in 2016.

8) Back in 2009 share price of Eicher Motor was around 240 & currently, it’s trading above 22500. That’s what a stock market is.

BSE gate #2

9) We don’t trust, but according to a few sources, gate no 2 at the Bombay Stock Exchange seems to be cursed. A source from the National Stock Exchange reveals that every time the gate has been opened, the stock markets have crashed drastically.

Further, if you any additional fun facts about the Indian stock market, please comment below.

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